Court Costs – Civil

Civil and Small Claims

All costs for Civil and Small Claims filings must be paid at the time of filing (unless you are filing a request for indigency). We accept payment by cash, credit card (Mastercard and Visa), money order, certified check, personal or business check. Please note that there is a $3.00 transaction fee when paying by credit card.

Civil Cost Schedule:  Effective 3/1/2020
Civil Complaint $135.00
Civil Complaint – Forcible Entry & Detainer (i.e., Eviction)
– one cause
Civil Complaint – Forcible Entry & Detainer (i.e., Eviction)
– two causes, includes certified mail service
Counterclaim/Crossclaim with Summons $15.00
Amended Complaint/Third Party Complaint with Summons $15.00
Small Claims Complaint $55.00
*** Each Additional Defendant on ALL types listed above***$15.00
BMV Appeal – Non-Compliance, 12-Point, All Other $135.00
Appeal of Dog Designation $135.00
Trusteeship $40.00
Certificate of Judgment Filing – From Another Court $20.00
Transfer to Regular Civil Docket $80.00
Praecipe for Subpoena
(For each witness subpoenaed. Plus a separate $6.00 check or money order payable to each witness.) 
Order in Aid Proceedings: Debtor’s Examination
– plus Bailiff service fees
Bank Garnishments (Plus $1.00 to Garnishee) $45.00
Wage Garnishments $125.00
Citation in Contempt Praecipe – plus Bailiff service fees $35.00
Certificate of Judgment / to Issue $10.00
Execution against Chattels (Plus Levy Deposit) $75.00
Order of Sale $25.00
Writ of Restitution $100.00
Jury Demand (Additional deposit may be Required) $500.00
Levy of Execution on Business or Personal Property  $200.00
Levy of Execution on Mobile Home $350.00
Personal or Residential Service by Sheriff (Additional deposit may be required) $50.00
Motion to Change Real Party in Interest $25.00
Motion to Modify or Revive Judgment $25.00
Motion to Set Aside Judgment or for Relief from Judgment $25.00 
Alias Summons – Each Person, Includes Service by Certified Mail $15.00
Alias Summons to Revive Judgment – Each Defendant, Includes Service by Certified Mail $15.00
Certified Mail Service  $15.00
Ordinary Mail – With Certificate of Mailing  $5.00
Personal or Residential Service by Bailiff – Each Person  $25.00
Service on Secretary of State or by Publication – Plus $5 check payable to Ohio Secretary of State  $25.00
  Each Additional Defendant – Plus $5 check payable to Ohio Secretary of State  $15.00
Service by Commercial Carrier (FedEx, etc.) $20.00
Exemplified Copy of Judgment  $15.00
Certified Copy  $3.00
Copies – Per Page  $ .05
Checks – Returned for Non-sufficient Funds  $25.00
Bench Warrant  $40.00
Notice of Appeal Local Cost – Payable to Kettering Municipal Court $25.00
2nd District Court of Appeals Cost – Check Payable to Montgomery County Clerk of Court $100.00
Driving Permit Modification $15.00
Credit Card Transaction Fee  $3.00