Court At A Glance

Established in 1960, Kettering Municipal Court serves the communities of Kettering, Centerville, Moraine and Washington Township. The Court has jurisdiction over the following legal matters that arise within the territory of the court: misdemeanor traffic and criminal cases, initial appearances and preliminary hearings in felony criminal cases, civil cases up to a monetary limit of $15,000, small claims cases up to a monetary limit of $6,000 and landlord tenant eviction cases.

Kettering Municipal Court is served by an elected clerk of court and by two elected judges. Robert L. Scott serves as the Clerk of Court. The Clerk’s Office manages and safeguards court records, technology and financial receipts and disbursements.  Judge Frederick W. Dressel has served on the Court since 2014, and Judge James F. Long since 2015.  The judges preside over Court proceedings and also direct the administration of court services.

Several law enforcement agencies bring cases before the Court, including the Kettering Police Department, Centerville Police Department, Moraine Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio State Highway Patrol as well as other state and local agencies who may have cases arise within the Court’s jurisdiction.