Driving Privileges

When your license is suspended by the judges of this court, you may be eligible for driving privileges during the time you are suspended. The judge may give driving privileges to you at the time of your sentencing, or you may be able to apply for them in writing at a later date. Current proof of insurance is required in order to have driving privileges. Please have a copy of your proof of insurance with you when applying.

Typically, the judge may allow up to a maximum of 12 hours a day/5 days or 10 hours a day/6 days per week of driving privileges IF REQUIRED for work, school, family needs or medical treatment/counseling. Please be aware that it is up to the judge to decide whether or not you will qualify and be given driving privileges.

Driving privileges on suspensions ordered by the judge are handled by the Clerk’s Office Traffic/Criminal Division. There is a $15 permit fee. Also, if you are placed under a BMV Administrative License Suspension (ALS) as a result of being charged with an OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence) and your case is being handled here at Kettering Municipal Court, you can take steps to apply for driving privileges while under the ALS suspension. There is a $25 filing fee to apply for this type of driving privilege.

The Clerk’s Office Traffic/Criminal Division has forms you can fill out to make these requests.

After you receive a certified copy of your driving privileges it is important to only drive during the days and hours on your permit. You will need to carry this permit with you any time you drive a motor vehicle. If you change jobs, move or have any other change to your approved driving routine, you will need to request an amended driving permit that will need to be approved by the judge. Visit the Clerk’s office to fill out an updated driving privileges worksheet or download it from our forms page. The Clerk’s Office will then submit your request to the judge. If your request is approved, there will be a $15 fee. Also, the Clerk’s Office will need you to turn in your original permit before giving the updated permit to you.

Finally, if your license expires while you are under suspension, you will need to request a signed judge’s entry allowing you to renew your license while under suspension. You will need to take this entry with you to present to the BMV. Contact the Clerk’s Office to make this request. Please allow up to two business days to obtain this paperwork.

Please note: If you have a license suspension imposed by the Ohio BMV for not having insurance (non-compliance), 12-point, certain out-of-state suspensions, etc., you can apply for driving privileges through the Clerk’s Office Civil Division. Please click here for the Civil Division’s BMV suspensions information.