The Clerk’s Office provides copies of a number of forms used during the legal process. Some of these are available online for your convenience. You can view and complete the forms electronically prior to printing them out; or you can print them out and complete them prior to filing them in the Clerk’s Office. If notarized signatures are required, please be sure to sign them in front of a notary (this can be done at the Clerk’s Office). You can file forms in person or by mail. Additionally, forms that do NOT require a filing fee can be filed by fax at 937-534-7017.

All forms are provided in PDF format. To open a form, click on the form name. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system to be able to view the PDF files. You can download this software online for free.

Please be aware that these forms may change. To ensure you have the most recent form available, please download the most current form from a link below:

Fax Filing Cover Page

Traffic/Criminal Forms

Civil Forms